Fault Finding

electrical fault finding by a registered electrician. circuit tripping and fuse blowing fault.

Electrical Faults

Do you need a trusted electrician to come and diagnose what's causing an electrical fault in your home of commercial property?

We specialise in fault finding and diagnose most common faults in under an hour.

Finding a fault with an electrician in my area.  I have no power. RCD keeps tripping off. Carshalton

How expensive is Fault Finding?

Fault finding is a specialist subject which requires calibrated electrical testing equipment along with many years of experience. Even so, it doesn't break the bank to have a professional electrician carry out Fault Finding in your property.

Our charges do not differ from our standard labour charges.

no power on my sockets. no lights working. need an electrical to fix my electrics in coulsdon area.

What happens once a fault is located?

Once a fault has been identified and traced to a location within the installation we will assess the cost for repair. If there is no materials required and it can be repaired within the initial first hour then it will be done at no extra charge.

If materials and additional time are required then a report and free quotation will be provided. If you are happy to go ahead with the remedial work then you can schedule an appointment with our office. You can also pass our report onto other local electricians if you wish to acquire multiple quotations before making a decision.