News - 2019


NICEIC connections magazine


Some things don't ever go on the 'bucket list' as they seem too out of reach to ever be possible.

Yesterday my monthly issue of 'Connections magazine' arrived through the post. It's created by the NICEIC and posted to registered electricians. What an amazing feeling it was to find that I have a small feature in it 😊

It just goes to show, if a small electrical company from Carshalton can make a dent in the electrical industry and be noticed by somebody as huge as the NICEIC governing body then maybe we should all reconsider what we put on our bucket-list.

Effort CAN be rewarded! Good luck to everyone who is trying their best. Make tomorrow better then today and create a difference 🙌


On The Tools

Wow, I was asked to play with 3 different drills on camera for 'On The Tools' to see how they compared. 

It was a little out of my comfort zone but still an amazing day and opportunity!


100 Checkatrade Reviews

 Checkatrade has kindly sent us a report card to acknowledge our 100th review. 


Business Skills

 Sparks magazine interview me and my business after the success of the YouTube channel. 

Summer 2019


Sparks Magazine Blog

"Luke Wichard runs his My Trusted Electrician business around Greater London. In our latest blog, he reflects on making assumptions when he was training". 

February 2019

News - 2018


Consumer Unit - Master Class

Tresham College welcomes My Trusted Electrician Luke Wichard. Luke puts on a masterclass on how to connect up a 10 way dual RCD consumer unit. Luke shows our learners how to connect the neutrals, cpc's (earths) and line (live) conductors in a consumers unit.  

November 2018


Electrical Ramble with GSH

An electrical ramble (and a cup of tea) with the amazing YouTube team at GSH Electrical. 

The college were keen to learn about the ups and downs of being a self employed electrician.

College Q&A

Luke Wichard had the pleasure of answering questions from the electrical learners at Tresham College. They were keen to learn about the ups and downs of being a self employed electrician. 

 November 2018 

We believe it's important to employ an electrician in a branded uniform. Here is our new shirts.

The Uniform samples have arrived

They're purple! After much debate it has been decided that we're reverting from grey to purple. 

It needed to be a colour which wouldn't show too many marks when covered in dust or cause our engineers to overheat in the summer sun. 

July 2018

my trusted electrician is a local electrical company based in carshalton.

Rebranding the company

After 7 years as 'Fulgora Electrical Limited' we have made the decision to walk a new path under the name 'My Trusted Electrician'. 

For EVERYONE who ever asked why we called the original company Fulgora Electrical..



Proper noun

  1. (Roman mythology) The Roman goddess/personification of lightning. She is the Roman counterpart of Astrape.


From Latin fulgora (“Lightning”)

The reason for the change is simply that it is not the friendliest word to pronounce or spell. Hopefully our new title will be easy to remember for new and returning customers.

January 2018