December 2017

Power and fittings and re-wired

“Very polite always does more then expected, I really recommend using Luke!”

Pending Verification – Customer in Epsom ( 1 ) 4 December 2017

Replace broken engraved appliance switches.

“Very impressed with the quality and speed of the work carried out.”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in Wallington ( 1 ) 5 December 2017

November 2017

Located fault in electrical appliance which caused total loss of power from kiosk unit.

“Met  with Luke who was unknown to me, by sheer coincidence.  He saw our  plight, operating a coffee kiosk unit which suddenly lost all electric  power.  He located problem and isolated it from rest of equipment which  meant we could be operational again.  Will use his company henceforward  for all domestic and commercial electrical requirements.  A thorough  professional, knowledgeable, efficient, courteous and helpful.  A rarity  to find all such qualities in a person these days, but this guy has  them!”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in Esher ( 1 ) 3 November 2017

Sunday Callout

“I  had used Luke previously to replace lights and had found his work and  attitude first class.   We had a problem with the RCD tripping and  phoned Luke to see what he might be able to do.  He came over within a  few hours and diagnosed the problem.  Turned out the microwave was most  probably tripping the RCD.  Anyway he did all this on a SUNDAY!!  He  also fitted a new connector to my wife's vacuum.  Luke has a "can do"  approach and would not take any money for his time.  He seems to  genuinely enjoy his work and he interacts well with people.  People like  Luke are rare to find these days.”

Verified by SMS – Customer in Wallington ( 1 ) 19 November 2017

October 2017

Replace Bathroom Lights and Fit External lights.

“Luke  came and quoted and responded promptly.  Having agreed that we would  employ him and agreeing a date to install he came as promised at the  right time!!  He is courteous, polite and very tidy.  He did job which  is a great improvement on what we had previously.  He just gets on with  the job; no fuss, no noise, and executes very well.  He has a friendly, outgoing personality and is genuine.  No bullshit -  just tells you the options and then gets on with it.  I have no  hesitation in putting his name forward.  Certainly we will be keeping  his name for all future electrical work.”

Verified by SMS – Customer in Wallington ( 1 ) 3 October 2017

Replaced earth bonding on gas pipe at rental property.

“Simple  job required following gas safety check highlighted earth bonding was  incorrectly placed at the property.  Done quickly and on time.”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in Redhill ( 1 ) 4 October 2017

Fitted LED lights to return stair case.

“Luke  minimised mess and damage to existing walls and skirting to achieve a  very neat installation.  He has followed up to ensure the lights have  stayed in place after having some trouble making them stay firmly in  position in the skirting board.  I'm very pleased with the quality of  the work and position of lights, sensor and wiring.”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in Redhill ( 1 ) 4 October 2017

Rewire of 4 bed house.

“carried out the project of rewiring the property whilst it was in the  process of being converted from 3 bedrooms to 4.  The kitchen at the  time was also being extended and the basement converted into an  additional functional room.  They worked happily around all that was  going on and helped the project run smoothly.  They were punctual,  efficient and a pleasure to work alongside.”

Pending Verification – Customer in Reigate ( 1 ) 9 October 2017

WiFi installed to remote Summer House in garden.

“Luke  has completed numerous projects for us and every time his  professionalism, attitude and workmanship has been of the highest of  standards.  He always makes the effort to fit us into his schedule and  at every opportunity goes beyond what is expected.”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in Westerham ( 1 ) 18 October 2017

Cooker installation.

“Always happy with the quality of work.  Will be recommending and definitely using them again.”

Pending Verification – Customer in Wallington ( 1 ) 20 October 2017

September 2017

New fitted LED strip places around kitchen.

“This  is the first time I have used this company and it won't be the last.   One of the most polite and courteous tradesman I've ever had the  pleasure of using.  Very fast and efficient work carried out in under  the time frame that was originally planned.  The main electrician seemed  to have genuine passion in sharing my vision of how I wanted the  finished work to look and he did not disappoint.  The LED finish to the  kitchen looks amazing.”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in Mitcham ( 1 ) 3 September 2017


“Very professional.  Took time to answer any questions I had and to talk through the procedure.  Gave valuable advice.”

Pending Verification – Repeat Customer in Croydon ( 2 ) 11 September 2017

New lighting system installed.

“Excellent standard of work.  Very knowledgeable.”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in Kingston upon Thames ( 1 ) 21 September 2017

Find and address fault in kitchen kick board lighting.

“Excellent standard of work.  Very knowledgeable.”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in Kingston upon Thames ( 1 ) 21 September 2017

Find and address fault in kitchen kick board lighting.

“Fault was identified and a pragmatic way to address the fault was agreed and completed that morning.”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in Redhill ( 1 ) 22 September 2017

August 2017

PAT testing.

“Did a good job and very professional very pleased and would definitely recommend to a friend.”

Pending Verification – Customer in Chatham, 14 August 2017

Pat tested

“Vicky was a very polite and professional young lady”

Verified by SMS – Customer in Chatham ( 1 ) 17 August 2017

July 2017

Outside lighting.

“Very efficient and competent.  Good communication and very friendly.  Will definitely use again.”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in Croydon ( 1 ) 1 July 2017

June 2017

Installation of new double and various other sockets for kitchen.

“Pleased  with the electrical work professionally undertaken by Luke and with the  cost of the job, which was exactly as quoted.  Luke was courteous and  friendly and provided all the necessary paperwork including certificates  the very next day.”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in Sutton ( 1 ) 12 June 2017

PAT testing of electrical appliances.

“All  works were completed quickly ad efficiently but thoroughly.  I was  extremely impressed with the service, the price and the courteous and  friendly approach of the engineer.”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in New Malden ( 1 ) 20 June 2017

May 2017

PAT testing.

“Proficient,  highly accommodating in a very busy office.  Courteous.  Provided  recommendations and following payment of invoice will provide written  report.  Recommend.”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in London, 2 May 2017

Install double sockets and fix CCTV cameras.

“Quality  workmanship!  Very neat and tidy work.  To start with, a reasonable  quote was given in writing.  Job was carried out as planned.  Luke was  very courteous, helpful and made valid suggestions.  On completion, Luke  briefed me on the work he carried out.  He made the effort to re-visit  the property once the cameras were set up on the internet/pc, to adjust  focus which I very much appreciate.  I wish Fulgora Electrical the very  best.”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in Redhill ( 1 ) 5 May 2017

Fix dimmer switch faults.

“Absolutely brilliant sparky!  Will use him again.”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in Reigate ( 1 ) 19 May 2017

April 2017

PAT test.

“I phone last week enquiring about PAT test.  They replied within the hour and then followed up by email.  Excellent service.”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in Purley ( 1 ) 4 April 2017

Wiring and fitting of new light fixtures and sockets to a converted lounge to lounge...

“Excellent  workmanship and took to the time to take me through the work completed  and how everything operated.  Tidy and courteous.  A job very well  done.”

Verified by SMS – Customer in Reigate ( 1 ) 13 April 2017

Electrical work for new kitchen diner.

“Luke  did all the electrical work for our new kitchen diner - lights, plugs,  cooker etc and his work was spot on.  He arrived bang on time, was  precise and neat with great attention to detail.   Very nice to deal  with, tidy, polite and friendly.  When the work was done he asked if we  had any questions about the work rather than rushing off, which was a  nice touch.   Would highly recommend!”

Verified by SMS – Customer in Surbiton ( 1 ) 14 April 2017

Switch over the old metre.

“Very professional and tidy.”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in Wallington ( 1 ) 28 April 2017

Replaced ceiling light and corrected Lutron box fault.

“Luke  is a very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly electrician.  He was able  to identify the issue with the Lutron box very quickly.  Luke  previously did all the wiring for our house extension a couple of years  ago which we are very happy with.”

Verified by SMS – Customer in Reigate ( 1 ) 28 April 2017

Garden and driveway lighting installation.

“There  were quite a few details we could only finalise once the landscaping  was completed and Luke was very thorough in checking options and  agreeing exactly what he would do before installing.  Very happy with  quality of work.”

Verified by SMS – Customer in Redhill ( 1 ) 29 April 2017

March 2017

PAT testing.

“Very  friendly, polite company, prompt arrival and provided documentation  before close of business same day, would recommend them.  Ray Edwards  MD”

@  Verified By Email – Customer in Croydon ( 1 ) 29 March 2017