Small Jobs

Replace a Light Fixture

Replace a light fitting. electrician in carshalton, coulsdon, croydon and wallington. swap a light.

Have you recently acquired a new light fixture which you would like a professional to come and install? 

We can tidily and competently install your new light fitting for you. What many DIY enthusiasts are unaware of is the importance of earthing. Some houses which were wired pre 1970's may require a new earth cable brought to any metallic light fittings. This will prevent electrocution to the next person who changes the lights bulbs.

Upgrade to LED

LED replacement lamps. Swap my light bulbs for LED's. Electrician in sutton, croydon and ewell.

Are you fed-up with replacing those light bulbs constantly? Are the kids leaving the lights on and costing you a small fortune? 

Let us come and replace your light bulbs and light fittings with the correct, best suited LED equivalent parts. We can replace the equipment within your existing dimmer switches to allow them to dim your new low-energy LED lighting efficiently.

Outside Lighting

Is it becoming a struggle to put the bins out at night? Do you wish to improve your homes security with some motion detector security light fixtures? Could you use some garden decor and flood lighting to entertain?

There are many variations of sensor flood lights and we specialise in knowing the most effective floodlight for your property and needs. 

Additional Sockets


There's never enough electrical points to plug your appliances into is there? Do you need to get rid of all the extension leads and power your electrical appliance with a proper wall socket? Are you constantly unplugging and swapping plugs as you don't have enough in the most used areas of your home?

Let us add convenience to your home by installing extra socket outlets in the places you need them most!

Replace Sockets & Switches

replacing switches and socket outlets with new chrome metal sockets. electrical company in banstead.

Are you decorating the spare room and need the sockets changed too? Have you cracked or broken a switch and need it replaced? Is it time you kept up with the latest decor trends and replaced your electrical plates for chrome and other metallic alternatives. 

We can recommend and install the latest and best quality replacement switches and sockets. We specialise in new USB and WIFI socket outlets too.

Many More

We cannot list every small job within a home but we will try to list a few more below to give you an idea of the vast array of electrical services we provide.

  • Replace a Bathroom Fan.
  • Install or replace a Doorbell.
  • Replace a Smoke Alarm.
  • Move a Light Fixture.
  • Fix a Night Storage Heater.
  • Fix an Immersion Heater.
  • Move a or add a Television point.
  • Move a phone point.

If your small job isn't listed above then contact our office and let them know. We're always happy to help and put as much pride into our small jobs as our large jobs.