Kitchen rewire - part 2

Here's the 2nd fixing stage of my previous kitchen rewire video. 

Here you will see your Carshalton electrician terminating sockets and installing downlights.

A spot of fault finding

Not every fault requires lots of testing and calculations.

Sometimes the little things which are easily overlooked can cause big problems.

Electricians hand tools

This video is aimed at anyone coming into the industry. 

I know how scary it is trying to know what tools you need to invest your wages into in order to survive another week. I've gone though all the tools in my day bag and a brief example of what I use them for :)

Kitchen rewire - part 1

I carried out another kitchen rewire in Coulsdon recently and here is the video :)

I was also very fortunate to be invited up to Tresham college to meet the GSH Electrical youtube gang and their Electrical Learners. 

Electrical Ramble

Today I had the privilege of meeting the GSH Electrical team at Tresham College.

Here's some casual chat between us.

Spanish Electrics vs the UK

I cannot sit still, so even when I went on holiday I managed to find a reason to produce a small video. 

Garden lighting - Wireless switching

There are some amazing products available now in terms of switching your lighting on/off.

In this video I try the new Quinetic range of wireless/WIFI light switches.

Garage and Garden Electrics

Every garden needs a socket to mow the lawn and in this video you'll see me installing one. I also add some power for a water feature and some decor lighting outside the garage.

Rewire - First Fix & Consumer Unit Install

A rewire can sound like a pretty scary job from a customers perspective. I have made a video of the messy stage of a rewire (a first fix) so that you can understand what is involved :)

Electricians Vlog - My Week

Would you like to see what I get up to in a typical week?

My Trusted mini video #03

Is that old power shower of yours playing up? Seen better days?

Here's a quick video of what is involved in replacing it.

My Trusted mini video #02

In this video I install additional sockets in a launderette using PVC trunking.

Due to the high demand of fire safety I have use metal cable grips within the trunking so in the event of a fire the cable will remain attached to the wall.

Electricians Vlog - Rewire

There's not many electrician's who will take on an occupied rewire.

Here's a video diary of my latest project.

My Trusted mini video #01

It's becoming more and more important to be able to safely isolate / unplug an appliance when required. I get around this problem by putting my sockets in cupboards next to any kitchen appliances.

Electricians Vlog - Economy 10 Storage Heater

Yes it's another badly put together video of your local electrician. I'm much better at installing electric's then camera work.. honest!

Economy 10 is 10 hours of cheap electricity at different intervals throughout the day. 

Here is how I managed to utilise this to power a storage heater.

Electricians Vlog - USB Socket install

Need a more convenient way of charging your phone, tablet or laptop at the breakfast table?

A USB socket may be a sufficient solution. 

Here's a short video of me installing a couple of sockets within a kitchen island unit. 

Electricians Vlog - Consumer Unit Upgrade

If you have ever considered upgrading that old fuse board under the stairs then watch this!

Here's a little video I took of myself replacing an existing fuse board with a new 17th edition amendment 3 equivalent.

Electricians Vlog - LED Upgrade

Replacing bathroom lights

A little video depicting the damage done by covering halogen spots with loft insulation.

Also the easy damage free installation of LED replacement spot lights in a bathroom.

How to - Sinking socket boxes

a Video of me chasing boxes like a pro.

Back when the company was called 'Fulgora' and nobody could pronounce it, I made a few electrical demonstration videos

enjoy :)

How to - wire a fuse board

a tidy little Consumer Unit installation.

An OCD sufferers dream come true.

I've always believed the consumer unit to be the mothership of any electrical installation. It can reveal a great deal about the rest of the premises' wiring installation